Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Black Dress Pants: Part 2

Last week we talked a little bit about my love/hate relationship with black dress pants. I feel like they're a necessity to every working woman's wardrobe, but I also think they can be a bit on the boring side. You've seen how I styled the slim leg black dress pants, but here's how I wear my trouser fit dress pants. These are a straight leg style that are universally flattering on everyone! I've had this pair from NY & Co for over 2 years now.

I wear a low heel or wedge with these pants. You never want them to drag the ground, that looks sloppy. I think the key in making these pants look a bit more modern is adding funky accessories like a contrasting belt. I'm mixing black and brown (which is TOTALLY ok to do!) and wearing a tan colored belt with my top slightly tucked in at my belly button, but out everywhere else.

I need to do a count on how many pairs of leopard shoes I have. Can you have too many? Probably not. These babies actually have been with me since the beginning of my fashionable self, which is freshman year of college. So 7 years now! You don't want to know what kinds of stuff I wore in high school. We're talking t-shirts and dreadlocks. Seriously, I had dreadlocks! Maybe when I'm 60 or so I'll get some little dreadies again....can't you see it? I'll be the hippest g-ma around.

My chambray top worked hard in my wardrobe this year, and it's ready to take on winter with a cardigan or a cable knit sweater. This is my "Navajo Warrior" sweater as I like to call it. I'm hoping that on our drive through Wyoming I can join an Indian tribe or at least do a couple warrior dances around a fire pit.

Tell me, how do you like to "funk up" your black dress pants?

Have a good Wednesday, Friends!

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