Sunday, January 1, 2012

Black Eyed Peas and Sleeeeeep.

Happy 2012! I hope everyone had a safe and fun night last night. I'm off work tomorrow and plan to do some shopping and have lunch with my Papaw, aka my grandfather. Can't wait to see him.

I wore this outfit Saturday, and I will probably wear it tomorrow on my day's just that comfortable.

This is one of my sale items I picked up from J.Crew last week. 100% silk for only $25? I'll take it!

Let's talk bangs for a do you like em? It took about two weeks for me to get used to them...but now I loooove them. Part Uma Thurman, part 80's rocker chick. Yes.

I know everyone is talking about New Years Resolutions....but I don't really have any. I do have some big plans for 2012, but they're secret'll have to wait and see!

Happy New Year!