Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blogs are a lot of work.

I'm NOT an expert on blogs. Actually I'd say that my blog knowledge is VERY limited and I could use some help. Did you notice I changed my pic up there? Yep, that took me about an hour to figure out. Truthfully I don't really like the way it looks but I'm so frustrated at this point that I'm leaving it this way until Emily can help me. She's a graphic design genius. Did you see the site yet for SEMO Bloggers? Emily created it and it looks fantastic!

It's Wednesday and I just wanted to share with you that my list of To-Do items from Monday's Post is half-way complete! John and I have been studying his books and I'm all caught up on my blog posts. I still need to make a few calls for the blogging conference and I haven't started on my sewing projects yet, but I still have until tomorrow to work on those.

How's your weekly to-do list shaping up? Are you about half-way there, since this is Hump Day?

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