Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sanity Saving (oops) Thursday Tip: FREE MOTHERS DAY GIFTS!!

I'm sure you're aware by now that today is day 5 of my 40 day Shopping Fast and I'm feeling much better about it today than I did yesterday.

One reason is because I found a GENIUS and FREE Mother's Day gift idea thanks to another local blogger Blessings N Couponing. She posted today that Walgreens is offering a FREE8X10 Collage Print with FREE Shipping if you choose in-store pick-up. This will be perfect for my Mom and if I can use the coupon more than once I plan to and give collages to my Nana and Aunt Gina!

If you've never checked out Blessings N Couponing I highly suggest it!

I also plan to pick some wild flowers for my Momma and put them into fabric wrapped tin cans. I have some scrap fabric that I'll glue to the cans so they look Springy :) My beautiful friend Laurie gave me this idea! Laurie is the owner of Annie Laurie's Antiques which is my all time favorite place to shop. I've told myself that during my 40 day shopping fast I won't buy anything NEW, which means I can still buy USED from her shop if I need to. My sister's birthday is Saturday and since she's been sick I want her to have something special, so I plan to come to Laurie's and find the perfect piece of vintage jewelry for her.

What are you getting your Momma for Mother's Day? Don't forget it's this Sunday!!!

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