Monday, May 16, 2011

Sanity Saving Monday Tip: The Backup Plan

In case of emergency, do you have a back-up plan for childcare? I THOUGHT I had plenty of extra help, but it turns out I didn't have a long enough list of babysitters in case of an emergency.

My Nana keeps John during the day while I work, and next on the list in case Nana has something she needs to do is my Mom. If Mom's working, Daniel's parents are the final option. That's four babysitters, you would think between all of them I'd have an emergency situation covered - wrong. Nana has strained her back and needs to take a few days off to rest, and my Mom is working today, tomorrow and Wednesday. Daniel's parents are all working nights this week, so they can't watch him during the day because they'll be sleeping. Last night I was in a panic trying to find someone at the last minute!

Thankfully, I have amazing friends. My friends Rachel and Mandy both agreed to watch JD for me today. Since Rach is driving our friend Mindy back to the airport (Mindy flew in from Wisconsin to see my play! I'll post on that later!) I asked Mandy if she'd watch JD so that Rach wouldn't have to deal with him on a car ride to STL. Mandy is such a sweetheart!

The tip of the day is; Have a list babysitters to call in an emergency that are non-family members. This week I plan to call a few girls I know to see if they'd be willing to babysit just in case something like this happens again. Hopefully we can meet up first so they can get to know JD a bit. It helps SO MUCH to have supportive and loving friends to help, but I should have been more prepared for a situation like this.

How long is your list of babysitters? I'd say a list of 10 sitters should be plenty, just to be safe.

Happy Monday Friends!


  1. We are really lucky that we have both sides of the family here for us if we need them. If you ever need a sitter I'm here too when I'm not working.

  2. Hey Leslie!

    Next time call me. I'd love to watch him for you! Or all the time... :)
    We're looking at getting a house and starting up my daycare! Go me!

  3. Thanks so much ladies. I know I can always count on my friends :)

    Erica, when do you plan to have your daycare up and running? We want to start sending JD somewhere 2 days per week in August.