Thursday, May 19, 2011

Upcoming Events, and a GUEST BLOGGER WANTED!

Hey friends! Just a couple of quick announcements and upcoming event notifications :)

In case you didn't see on Facebook, I decided on a date for the Swap Meet! It will be Tuesday, May 31st at my place. Go HERE to see event details and the guests who have RSVP'd so far.  Here's a quick description of what we'll be doing at the party:

I will have several items up for swap. Each party guest will also bring items that they are wanting to trade for my items or other party attendees items. Items to swap can include jewelry, clothes (only Spring/Summer wear), shoes, purses, knick-knacks, dishes, towels, home decor, nail polish, tablecloths, books, cd's, magazines....the list is never ending! There will be a sign-up sheet for each guest to list what they've brought, and whoever borrows an item will have 40 days to use it and then will need to swap it back. Of course, if you don't want your item back you can do an even trade for keeps! :)

The purpose in having this party is so that women around me can experience having something new without actually having to pay for it. The way I see it is, we're all family, so why not share? I'm not saying bring your Grandmother's ruby ring to swap, because there is always a chance that something could happen to it. But I would like to see items that are in good shape only and that you care about and would eventually want back. That's why this is a "Swap Meet", not a garage sale. I know that we as women get attached to our belongings, that's why I think this would be good for us all to let go of some of that anxiety we have when it comes to our things. After all, they're just THINGS, right?!

Let me give you an example. I have 2 pairs of black dress pants, 4 floral-print tank tops, 2 Dooney and Bourke purses, TONS of necklaces (not my good pearls, but things from American Eagle and NY&Co), several nice candles, and a set of adorable dish cloths. Since I have several of each of these items, I plan to bring at least one of each to Swap. Is this starting to make more sense to you? I LIKE all of these items and will eventually want them back, but for 40 days I can go without them. Things I would like to swap IN EXCHANGE FOR would be some new necklaces, maybe a couple new books, a new pair of heels, etc.

This description was taken from this post where I first shared my idea.

Another upcoming event is the SEMO Bloggers Conference that Emily and I will be hosting. We are still deciding on the date to have the event but we are shooting for June, and more than likely it will be held on a weeknight.

The most exciting event to announce is that my family and I are going on VACATION! Yes, that's right, a four day vacation! I will be taking a break from blogging during that time and I'm looking for someone who would be interested in guest blogging while I'm away. I'm looking for someone who does not have ANY blogging experience or a blog of their own, but is interested in trying it out for themselves. If you're a regular blog reader and want to give it a try, let me know! You can either respond to this post or email me for more information.

Since my guest blogger will be new to the blogging world, I wanted to throw out some possible topics to write about. Of course, I will want my guest blogger to write about whatever their heart desires, but here's some ideas to help joggle the brain a bit.

A book that's interesting to you
A new recipe you've recently tried and loved.
A funny family vacation story.
An "outfit of the day" post
Spiritual lesson or scripture verse that speaks to you
A product review post

Those are just some ideas, but like I said, I want my guest blogger to feel free to write about what they want.

Have a great Thursday Friends!


  1. You should ask my sister-in-law Stephanie. She reads blogs all the time but doesnt have one. She would be perfect!

  2. Hi

    Would be interested in being a guest blogger.
    Here's my page for you to have a look at what I write about.

    Happy to do a review like the ones I have on my page or a disaster recipe that I did for my son... Sort of what not to do post for starting solids.

    Email me if you are interested

    Thanks Sam

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