Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fashion Friday (err Tuesday): The Denim Shirt is Back.

Blogger was down Friday so I wasn't able to post Fashion Friday, then I didn't want to skip Sanity Saving Monday thus Fashion Friday is coming out on Tuesday. So there :)

Have you seen anyone wearing denim on top lately? Denim shirts are "in" again, and chances are your Mom has one stashed in her closet from the early 90's. Check your Dad's closet too! Oversized denim shirts are just as cute as fitted!
Here's some Stars sporting the trend.
Alexa Chung, Christina Hendricks, and Reese Witherspoon in their denim shirts. So cute huh?

I think the key in making this trend work is pairing denim tops with feminine accessories, like heels or sparkly jewelry. Here's my take on the look, 3 ways! Please ignore my wet hair, I have to catch my hubby in just the right mood for him to help take pics and I had just taken a shower hehe :)

JD likes to pose just like Mommy :) Denim shirt paired with rolled khakis and grey heels for a casual work look.

Denim shirt tucked into skinny black pants and black summery wedges. This look is great for the office or for church! Casual, but dressy with the black pants. I think this is my favorite look!

Denim on Denim. The trick to this is making sure the shades of denim are different. I paired my light-washed denim shirt with darker, rolled jeans. I also am wearing bright yellow wedges for a splash of color.

What do you think of wearing denim on top? Too "early 90's" for your taste?

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