Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vacation Anxiety

I haven't had the best luck with family vacations.

In the past, I tend to get very nervous in preparation for a vacation, almost like I'm afraid that I'll forget some minuet detail such as not shutting the garage door or (gasp!)  leaving the coffee pot on. Along with this slight anxiety I often get either:         a.) constipated
                                              b.) the extreme opposite of constipated
                                              c.) deathly ill
And I seriously mean deathly. Two summers ago the hubs and I went to Philadelphia for a week and I had THE MOST horrible urinary tract infection of my life. So horrible in fact I was bedridden for 2 days of our trip. I then continued to have a urinary tract infection for about 3 months until I had surgery to remove some infection along my bladder wall. Horrible, I know.

So that was the summer of 2009. The following summer we went to Gaston's Resort for a long weekend get-away. We decided to drive the 6 hour trip and it was the worst decision we've ever made. The roads looked like a slinky they were so curvy. I had to drug myself to keep from being carsick, but little John was not so lucky. I've never seen that much puke come out of such a little body in my entire life. We then had to continue on the trip with our entire car smelling like rotten baby formula. Lovely, let me tell you.

So as we prepare to leave on vacation next week, needless to say I'm getting a little nervous. I'm trying to pack and plan now, so next week I can just concentrate on the Swap Meet. I've made a list of all the arrangements that need to be made before we can leave and hopefully I haven't left anything out. I'm also taking daily doses of vitamins to keep myself healthy and my bowels "regular."

If you think about it, send a few extra prayers my way this week. I want to be able to enjoy this time with my family, not be wishing I was home in bed.

I'm also still looking for a guest blogger! I have someone in mind that I'm thinking of asking unless someone speaks up!

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