Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Faith County has changed me.

As most of you know, I was in a play with the River City Players community theater. The play was called Faith County and we had 6 performances over the last couple of weeks! Saturday night was the last show and I can honestly say that I have conflicting feelings now that it's over. The practices were hard on my family because I had to be away from them every evening during the week and then during the performances on the weekends. So on one hand I'm relieved that the show is over. On the other hand, I spent so much time with the cast and crew of the show I'm going to seriously miss them all.

It's hard for me to describe how over just two months I have drastically changed, but I definitely have.  Being in this play has made me feel younger, happier, and more "free." Between work, family and school, it's been a LONG time since I've done something completely for myself.

Not only is it liberating to do something just for ME, but each and every one of the cast members brought a different aspect of my personality to the surface that I haven't experienced in awhile. Every person in the group, no matter what their age, had a youthful, lively personality that was contagious. In turn I laughed more than I have in probably years with this group. I hope these new friendships will last a lifetime.

I think that it's good for the soul to meet new people. Every member of Faith County had a different story, a different family life than I have. But somehow we all connected and grew to love and respect each other. Sometimes when you've had the same friends and relationships for years you can start to feel lazy and lose respect or gratitude for one another. Being a part of Faith County helped me to realize that no matter if you've known someone for years or weeks, you should always show them love and appreciation. And you should always BE YOURSELF! Laugh, love, and be kind, folks. That's what it's all about.

Here are some pics of the cast and crew! Love them all and can't wait until the cast party May 27th!!

Emily and I, AKA Naomi Farkle and Faye McFaye! Emily is a sweetie. I know we'll be meeting for Starbucks sooner or later because we are both obsessed hehe :)

Cynthia, AKA Mildred Carson. She's a hoot! Even though we were somewhat enemies onstage, she's a beautiful person in real life, inside and out.

Justin, Brenda, and Wesley! Justin and Wesley played Luther and Bubba onstage, and I'm sure I'll call them by their stage names forever. Miss Brenda was our lovely assistant director and she's a doll. Fun fact, Justin and I are distant cousins! Go figure! Only in Southeast Missouri, right?

Thomas and I. Thomas, AKA Delbert Fink, was my "love interest" in Faith County.

Leslie and Wesley :) Wesley played Bubba and he's so sweet and fun I just love him :)

The beautiful Miss Debbie and I. Debbie was our props and costume manager for the show, she's also the President of the River City Players and the woman who makes this all possible. Thank you Miss Debbie!

CATHLEEN!! She's a sweetheart and I've so enjoyed getting to know her. Love ya girlie!

Bob played Gladys in Faith County and is sure to be named "Best Cross-Dresser of the Year!" What's really special is that Bob was my theater teacher in Highschool, and cast me as Faye McFaye in Faith County in 2002! To me, he'll always be Mr. Clubbs :)

All the cast together, including our wonderful director Andrea up in front. I know some of you didn't have a picture on here but some of the pics didn't turn out so great, sorry!

Faith County taught me so much, and I love and appreciate everyone who was a part of the show!


  1. I miss Faith County too!!!!! It's been so sad not seeing you all every day, and having that outlet that was something for just me. Going to practice and/or performances every day was such a great way for me to put away all of the stress of life and work and just laugh and be free.

    Does getting rid of Starbucks and lunch dates REALLY have to be part of your no shopping fast? I mean... we all have to eat right? ;)

  2. I agree with you, Emily. I miss having that outlet as well!

    I've been going to Starbucks and eating out all along. Mostly my fast is just for things that I impulse buy, like clothes and home interior stuff. I have cut back on Starbucks a little bit though, because I have a new coffee maker so I drink at home. That doesn't mean WE can't go for coffee or lunch though! We need to meet up and talk about your closet makeover too!