Friday, May 13, 2011

Shopping Fast Day 12: Withdraws.

Hey friends.

So it's been 12 days since I started my Shopping Fast, and it's beginning to sting a little. I guess you could say I'm going through slight withdraws. Yesterday I had a free hour at lunch because John was at my Mom's in Jackson and I didn't have time to drive out there and see him. Normally when this happens I grab a quick bite to eat and head to either the mall or Target to look for something new. Since I'm not buying ANYTHING new for 40 days, I had an entire hour to kill that couldn't involve shopping. I spent my hour at the park instead eating my lunch and watching the ducks. At first I kinda felt like a creeper sitting by myself on a park bench eating but no one seemed to mind. The hour was actually really relaxing. No rushed trips into a dressing room to try on clothes, no long lines at the check out counter. Just me and......Jesus. I thought about His ultimate sacrifice being SO much greater than my little shopping sacrifice. He's the reason I'm doing this fast, so that I can feel what it's like to give up something that has become a little too important in my life. I already feel closer to Christ, and it's only day 12. Thank you Jesus for helping me!

I did run into Target the other day to get something, (don't worry, I didn't buy anything besides grocery items!) and I found myself wandering down the shoe isle. Before I went on my shopping fast I had been eyeballing these cute wedges......I had originally been waiting for them to go on sale so I was just curious to see if they were marked down yet or not.

I LOVE both of these pairs of sandals and I think I'd get a lot of wear out of them this summer, so it hurt just a little bit to leave the store without them.

After I left, I checked ebay for a used pair of the shoes, but since they're so new no one was offering them for sale used yet. That's part of my fast, if I REALLY NEED something I try to find it used first. Not that I really need a new pair of wedges, but I just wanted to check ebay just in case! :)

I know some of you have been cutting back on your shopping lately, either for spiritual reasons like me or maybe financial reasons. Is there anything that you've been wanting to buy recently but instead held back?


  1. Leslie,
    I've enjoyed reading your blog... and have finally started my own. I'm encouraged by the words and thoughts that you share! I've too been thinking of doing a "shopping" fast... not that I really do a lot of shopping for myself... but a lot for my kiddos! Thanks for being so honest and real!!

  2. I wanted to get a new pair of running shoes yesterday but I decided not to. It was REALLY hard not to especially because I felt like I deserved SOMETHING since Derek didn't get me anything for mothers day and because the only shoes I've been running in are my Vibram Five Fingers. I know what you mean about the "sting" of walking out of a store and not getting the one thing you really really wanted. I'm glad you could see the good in a hard time. Keep up the great work!

  3. This post was originally posted on May 12th, but blogger was having some difficulties so I had to re-post on Friday, May 13th. Thanks!