Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Couponing Attempt # 2

Two weeks ago on grocery shopping day I shared with you my first couponing experience. Yesterday was shopping day once again so I gave couponing another go. My last trip was a little slow and confusing, so this trip I tried to make things more simple.

I wrote out my shopping list in coordination with WM Jackson's layout, listing my "Non-Food" items first. I didn't have ANY food coupons this shopping trip, but I had tons of toiletry/home goods coupons. I paper clipped all my coupons in the same order as listed on my shopping list and to the top right next to the Non Food section. I then listed all my food items on the bottom.

The shopping trip went well! We were outta there in under an hour (which is ALWAYS my goal) and I saved a total of about $17.00!

Keep in mind, my goal is not to become one of those couponing Mom's with stock-piles of more diapers than she knows what to do with. I want to use coupons ONLY for items that I currently need. I don't have the space to store extras of everything.

Couponing Attempt # 2.....a success! It feels good to save money!

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  1. Good job Les! I saved $60 is Schnucks the other day! It feels so good to save! HOpefully we can put some helpful tips out there too like "Blessings n Couponing."