Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Facing The Giants

Are any of you tired of the movies being made today? Even watching a kid’s movie today may mean it has material to mature for children. I am sick of this. I think it is time for there to be more movies with Christian influences. I am sick of movies all about sex and drugs, and full of horrible language!

I believe it's time for people to step up and demand something different! Something like Facing The Giants.

Have any of you had the chance to watch this movie yet? If not, now is the time! This is my all-time favorite movie! I watch it every chance I get!

Facing The Giants is a must see movie for everyone! No matter what the age group. This movie was made by Sherwood Baptist Church of Albany, Georgia. This church did a wonderful job making this movie! I love the heart behind it! We need more movies like this!

This movie has it all! Funny moments, serious moments, and best of all it is packed with scripture! You cannot watch this movie without feeling that “With God all things are possible!! (Matthew 19:26)

They definitely stress that nothing is impossible with God! Do you believe that today?

What is impossible with God?


What giants are you facing today?

For me, I have been facing giants of fear. Fear has been causing me to step back and not take enough risks. But I finally realized I was not trusting in God! I thought I was but everyone time I thought about taking a risk my flesh took over! I realized fear was holding me back. Through discovering this I have fully began to realize that NOTHING is impossible with God!

I pray that all of you watch this movie and are extremely built up! I pray that you find the giants you are facing in your life and begin to take them down! But most of all I pray that every single one of you begins to realize that there really is nothing impossible with God!

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day!

Love, Kathleen :)

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