Monday, June 6, 2011

Truth or Trash

Have any of you had trouble discerning exactly what truth is and what trash is in today’s world? In today’s world there are many worldly views and opinions making it hard to figure out if what you are hearing is the Truth or not.

However! There is any easy way to discover what the difference between truth and trash is:

 TRUTH is what God says. You can find this Truth in the Bible!

TRASH is anything that He does NOT say. Trash includes facts and opinions. Opinions are things people believe to be true. For example: Justin Bieber is a good singer. That's your opinion.

The fact of the matter is that in today’s world most of what we say and hear is Trash. 

People are always willing to tell you what you AREN’T:

-You don’t look good enough (through movies, magazines, what others say about us- “Wow did you see ‘so&so’ today? She is getting really fat!”) (Trash),

-You are a failure (“Did you hear ______ lost his job?”) (Trash),

-You are stupid (“______ got an F on their test!” or “Their major is foolish”) (Trash), etc!

But, there is good news! Most of what you are hearing is Trash, not the Truth at all!

Romans 3:4 says:

“Let God be true, and every man a liar.”

We must constantly be reading the Word of God to fully realize how much Trash is rooted deep within us! Once we begin to notice the Trash we have been told, we can then begin replacing it with Truth!

For example, if someone is constantly telling you that “You are not special!…” that is Trash! You may feel like you are not special because someone keeps telling you that, but that is just a feeling! The Truth is that you are special and God set you apart before you were born! (Jeremiah 1:5)

I pray that each of you begins to realize the Trash that is being said to you and around you AND/OR that you realize the Trash that you are saying about or too others, and then you will begin to replace that trash with Truth!

For those of you with iphone’s, ipad’s, or ipod touches! Check out this amazing free app!  It’s a game called Truth or Trash. It will help you discover what is Truth and what is Trash! It is a great app for all ages! It just became available Friday. Keep looking for more updates and please provide feedback about the game! 

Have a wonderful day and check back tomorrow for another blog post!

Love, Kathleen :)

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  1. Love this game! I might be biased, but it ministers to me so much!