Thursday, June 30, 2011

my new business needs a name, por favor.

Hey all. Next week we're meeting with our lawyers to get our LLC for our new rental properties business. We want to keep our rental homes separate from Hazelwood Service Company LLC (My husband's Heating and Cooling Company). I will be the president of this new company and the hubs wants me to be in complete charge of everything (scary, I know!) While I'm excited to start this new adventure, I've already come across a minor problem--the new business needs a proper name. Here are a couple of ideas that I've been tossing back and forth.....please let me know your favorites! Keep in mind, this new business will also be incorporated into my Home Organization/Decorating business that I hope to start someday. Also, my name has to be unique to the state of MO; i.e. no one else can have the same LLC name as me.

  • Hazelwood Homes (kind of un-original, but I like the way the H's sound together)
  • Hazelwood Properties
  • Agape Homes (Agape is the Greek word for Love, or more specifically, Love for Christ and Mankind)
  • Agape Properties
Ok. That's the extent of my creativity right now. I'm seriously open to ANYTHING so PLEASE help me brainstorm!! Love you all,


  1. I like Hazelwood Homes for the same reason you do. It rolls right off of the tongue with the H's together.

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  3. Hazelwood Homes is good for me. I also love how the H sounded good together. Haha. A logo comprising two Hs placed together would look good. LOL. The name also has a catchy yet formal ring to it.

    Jamie Shellman

  4. Hazelwood Properties is my pick. It sounds very formal, but the use of 'properties' make it sound casual. Agape Properties might also be a good name - it's quite catchy. ;) Anyway, good luck on your new business! Update us when you finally have a name.

    Judith Gaston