Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place.

My mom used to say that phrase all the time. Before we would entertain guests, she'd run around the house like a mad woman cleaning, organizing, and "placing" items strategically to get noticed. She always had fresh flowers for parties, saying that flowers "Created Calm." One thing I noticed she never did was set a table scape. We always had a buffet-style dinner where we would fix our own plates and then sit down. I still prefer this method when we host parties, but for everyday I like to set the table for my family. Daniel's grandmother Carmela Hazelwood actually was the first person to show me how to properly set a table.

This is a simple table-setting with the everyday necessities, a knife, fork, and napkin. The salad bowl is placed in the center of the plate. This is how I set my table on a normal weeknight with no guests.

Here is Grandma Carmela's table in full view, with the serving dishes in the middle, ready to be loaded up with deliciousness :)

Here is a formal place-setting, created by Daniel's mom Cynthia. This is how she sets the table for family gatherings and holidays. Salad fork and dinner fork on the right, knife and spoon on the left. Napkin on dinner plate, salad bowl to the left, and drinking glass to the right.

I don't think it's necessary to set the table EVERY night, but I do think it's handy to know how in case you'd like to. What's your method for dinner night? Do you grab your plate and go, or set the table for your family?

I've had these pictures saved on my computer for awhile now, and occasionally I have to glance at them just to remind myself that I'm setting the table correctly! Feel free to save these pics on your computer too, who knows when you might need reminding!


  1. My grandpa taught me how to properly set the table by this method. Fork has 4 letters in it and so does left. So the fork goes on the left. Knife has 5 letters in it and so does right. So the knife goes on the right. Spoon has 5 letters in it and so does right. So the spoon goes on the right. Big in the middle. Short on the sides. Hope that helps. :D