Friday, June 17, 2011

Fashion Friday: Accessorizing for Dummies.

I used to hate jewelry. No, really. The extent of my accessorizing abilities was handmade friendship bracelets and simple silver studs just to keep my ears pierced. I was, and still am, an accessorizing dummy.

Then, I got engaged. When Daniel gave me that beautiful, crystal clear carat it was love at first sight.

Since then I've TRIED to start being a little can I put this........ feminine? Maybe? Yes, I've tried to be a bit more feminine with my accessorizing. I come from a family of all women (I was raised by my mom, grandma, and aunt) who absolutely adore anything shiny and expensive and for some reason I never really jumped on board. My sister has an extensive jewelry collection thanks in part to QVC and she and my mother are trying to force-feed me into loving jewelry. When we go out together, half the time they bring a couple extra necklaces with them to, as they say, "brighten me up." I do appreciate their efforts, but I've always been rebellious and have been trying to learn to accessorize on my own.

When it comes to jewelry, I think less is more. Ever seen a woman with a ring on every finger? They may be beautiful, but do you really notice the beauty and intricacy of each piece? Of course not, you don't have time to sit and stare at all 10 rings. I wear my wedding rings, and OCCASIONALLY one simple ring that I bought at American Eagle in highschool. It's the only other ring I own.

I wouldn't be opposed to wearing another ring, I just don't own anything else right now. AND I'm not saying that women who wear several rings are in any way not "doing it right", I'm just saying that I personally prefer the less is more approach. How do you feel about this?

My friend Michelle will appreciate this picture of my new watch and bracelets that I'm wearing today. Michelle has tried many times to help me with my accessorizing disability :) My favorite fashion blogger J's Everyday Fashion gave me this inspiration, Thanks J!

Check out her cute watch and bracelet set on the right. I love it, but for me it's a bit too sparkly for everyday. Here's my take on the look:

Just a simple watch that was (HOLLER) $5.99 at AE recently. Also I absolutely love the bangle with the hemp detail.....a little nod to my old friendship bracelet days :)

Finally, here are the earrings I've been wearing recently. I still don't do hoops or dangly earrings, just because I feel like they're a bit too fancy for me. I love pearls and studs like these though.

So, what are some of your go-to accessories? Do you feel that less is more or do you think "the more the better?"

Have a great weekend everyone! xoxo

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