Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rants and Raves.

As most of you know, we recently returned from Florida for our family vacation and had a someone unique experience. Between tow trucks and fungi-engrossed hotel rooms, we did manage to have a lovely vacation, in fact one of the best vacation's I've ever had! My husband's family who lives down there are some of the most loving and genuine people you will ever come across. They truly have a heart for the Lord!

One of my favorite pastimes is writing online reviews. I finished writing my reviews on the places we visited in Florida (some good, some bad) and wanted to share them with you guys! If you ever drive to Daytona from Cape, here's some places to check out, and AVOID.

First off, FOOD PLACES:

1. Brooklyn Bro's Pizza in Lake City, FL. Great if you like greasy pizza, which I don't. John surprisingly ate almost an entire piece so at least someone liked it. I give it 3 Stars, mostly for the atmosphere (Neat wall art!) and friendly service.

John and his Pizza Face smile.

2. Mickey Fin's in Orange City, FL.
Daniel and I went out for a late night appetizer while his Grandparent's watched JD our last evening in FL. We wanted to go somewhere local, and this was the ONLY PLACE we could find in the entire town that had outdoor seating. There were police officers guarding the place and we unfortunately sat next to a group of ladies with Sailor mouths. We didn't order anything and ended up going to Applebees instead. Only 2 Stars for this place, it was pretty sketch if you ask me.

3. Wintzell's Oyster House in Mobile, Alabama.
We were CRAVING seafood on our way home and stopped at this charming little place in Mobile. Wintzell's, where you can get oyster's Fried, Stewed, or Nude was AMAZING! Cute character and charm (the walls were covered with virtuous saying and slogans) and fast, friendly service (our waitress brought us drinks to-go without us having to ask). I of course ordered "Nude" oyster's and Daniel had the fried seafood platter. John loved the complimentary garlic bread and he even tried gator tail for the first time! They have other locations all around the gulf coast so I suggest if you're heading that way to check them out! 5 out of 5 Stars for sure!!


1. Jimmies Tow Service near Tallahassee, FL.
Stranded on the side of the interstate, my husband called every Tow truck service he could find in the Tallahassee, FL area. Each place he called either was too busy to come, or didn't answer the phone at all. One man gave us the number for Jimmie's Tow Service, and they answered and said they would be there to help ASAP. The gentleman who towed my car was very polite and friendly. I overheard him on the phone giving other employees instructions to help an elderly couple who were having car trouble first before a younger woman because of the heat. He even brought up the Bible with us and seemed to be Saved. I was very impressed with this company, so if you ever need a tow in Tallahassee you know who to call! 5 out of 5 stars!

2. Beachside Resort Hotel in Gulf Shores, AL.
Horrible. Disgusting. Dirty. Moldy. Did I say Dirty? Dirty. Nasty. Rude. Loud. Worst-hotel-I've-ever-stayed-at. Overpriced. Inconsiderate. Slave drivers.

Poor Hubby. He tried to find a nice, affordable hotel by the beach for us to stay in our last night of vacation. As soon as we pulled in he said, "I think we're at the wrong place." Well, turns out it WAS in fact our hotel and can you say "False Advertisement?" Go to the website. Trust me when I say the oil-stained carpets and cigarette butts all over the counter tops did not in any way scream "luxury and comfort" as the website describes. And the poor immigrants working there could barely understand English let alone tell me where the ice machine was. Please Please Please never ever ever stay at this hotel, ok? Big Fat 0 out of 5 Stars.

3. Proctor Subaru in Tallahassee, FL.
So as you know, we had car trouble in Florida and had to end up being towed to a car dealership. We had an amazing experience at Proctor Subaru! The staff was friendly and understanding, and for my husband to actually LIKE a car salesman is rare. We even talked about going back to FL someday and visiting the staff there. Loved them!

You know, now that I'm finished writing this I'm trying to decide if any of this information is at all relative to you. It's kinda not.......unless you're planning on taking a road-trip to Daytona sometime soon. Ha. Oh well I'm posting it anyway because I worked hard linking everything......sigh. I'll try to be more aware of your interests with tomorrow's Fashion Friday post!

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