Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sanity Saving Tuesday (oops) Tip: Vacation Keepsakes

The last thing I wanted to do on vacation was think about souvenirs. You all know I LOVE shopping, but I DO NOT like shopping in Souvenir shops. And I greatly dislike souvenirs. Don't kill me....but I think they're tacky. What am I going to do with a sea shell puzzle? Or an over-sized t-shirt that says "I Heart Gulf Shores?" No thank you. Just enjoy your vacation and PLEASE don't get me anything.

Right before I left on vacation, Martha emailed me this tip on making an As-You-Go Vacation Keepsake. Genius! No need to buy any souvenirs when I can make my own!

Here's the handy little keepsake Martha made. She packed a hole punch and a small loose-leaf ring. As she collected postcards or maps on her trip, she attached them to her ring. When she got home she added pictures and a label to the front. Adorable! Here's the one I made:

I used mostly pictures in mine, but also a napkin from a restaurant we ate at, a prayer card Daniel's aunt gave me, and the business card of the car dealer we met on our trip. (I'll go into more detail on that when I post the vacation pics)

Today's Tip: Don't waste your vacation away worrying about buying something to remember your trip by. Take a couple pics, save a few postcards, and enjoy your vacation!

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