Friday, June 3, 2011

Fashion Friday: Around-The-Waist-Belt

You might have noticed that I'm still around...haha. We had to postpone our vacation a bit because of the hub's work but we plan to leave soon. Didn't Kathleen do a great job yesterday?! She's a sweetheart and a talented writer. I told her I'd do Fashion Friday today and let her take back over next week. Sound good to you? So here ya go: Fashion Friday, Around-The-Waist-Belt.

Up until recently, I thought belts were made solely for belt-loops in pants. Worn right below the belly button, the purpose of belts originally was to hold up your pants, am I right? Well, frankly, that old way of thinking really just applies to men now-a-days. I guess it could apply to a woman who has lost some weight and has britches that are too big for her. But even when using a belt, pants that don't fit don't really flatter. I say to that woman, time to get some pants that fit your new, skinnier body!

Ok, my point is this: Belts are an accessory. Sure, you can still wear them in the belt loops with a cute tucked in top, but what about to show off your waist? A belt around the waist highlights the skinniest part of a woman's body. This look is literally everywhere now. Here's some inspiration photos of J, my favorite fashion blogger:

A slouchy tee with a belt takes this casual look to a whole new level!

The belt brings in the cardigan and balances out the boyish plaid shirt with some feminism.

A skinny, printed belt like J's leopard one makes this simple jacket and skirt combo unique!

Basically, you can belt anything! A cardigan, a dress, a loose fitting top, whatever looks best on your body type and makes you feel comfortable!

Mrs. Obama's style rocks! The neutral belt really pops against her neon top. Makes the whole outfit seem more exciting! Photo from People Style Watch

Now that you've seen proof that other people actually wear their belts around their waists, here is my take on the look. You can click on the photos to see me up close :p

Ok, here I am with an adorable loose-fitting top, BEFORE I added the belt. The top still looks good this way, but doesn't do much to accent my waist.

Here is the same top AFTER I added a skinny brown belt to my waist. See how it makes the top a bit more flattering? What do you think?

This is one of my favorite cotton dresses. It's a khaki color that can sometimes look a little drab, but add the right accessory......

....and it looks instantly updated! Great for work or summer BBQ's :)

Here's my final look, a belted cardigan. I am always FREEZING in the summertime indoors because people go crazy with their A/C. I have a sweater in my car at all times, and a belt like this one to pull it all together.

So what do you think? Would you wear belts around your waist? Or are you going to skip this trend and stick to belt loops?

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Amazing what a belt can do for an outfit! I really need to go to wet seal and get some cute belts for around the waist. I can never find any small enough for my waist if it's a regular bet. P.S. Derek loves the white shirt you're letting me barrow. He thinks it looks really nice. Especially with the new jeans I got from the swap meet too. Let's get together soon!

  2. Love it! I have a few that I wear all the time! you have a tattoo on your ankle? What is it?

  3. Em I'm glad you like the shirt! You can keep it for as long as you'd like :)

    Ash I have "patience" written in Arabic on my left ankle...I needed a daily reminder haha!

  4. Thanks - I emailed him with the link. I'll keep you posted
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