Wednesday, April 6, 2011

# 1 Worst Parenting Habit Ever....broken by me.

All mom's have heard this before: DON'T EVER LET YOU TODDLER SLEEP IN YOUR BED! Or else they will stay there- forever.

Two months ago we took the side's off of John's crib and made it into a toddler bed. Now, free to get up and down as many times as he pleases, John has this habit of getting out of his bed, and coming into our room to get in bed with us. It doesn't help that Mommy and Daddy's bed is in the same room as the kitchen, living room, dining room, TV, etc. All the fun stuff is where Mommy is! To make it even harder, John's room has a tendency to get a little colder than the rest of the house, so if his blankie falls onto the floor and he gets cold, I can't blame him for wanting to sleep with us. Nothings better than warming up with some body heat!

Don't let the cheesy grin fool you. John and his bed are not friends.

After several weeks of failed attempts to get this child to sleep in his own bed, I've resolved that this is a fight that I don't really care to win. Is it so horrible of me that I want to cuddle with the cutest little man every night? That I actually LIKE being squished over to the side of the bed while John and Daniel take up all the room?

Come on people, it's not like he'll be sleeping with us while he's in high school. Eventually he'll think we're squares and want his own space. Maybe when he can actually carry on a conversation with me I can explain to him how cool it is to sleep by yourself, that only babies sleep with their mommy's. Yep, I plan to make fun of him until he can no longer face the humiliation of sleeping with us and then he'll want to stay in his own bed. (Insert Evil Laughter Here).

So, would that be #2 Worst Parenting Habit Ever....."Never Make Fun of Your Kid"....also broken by me? Maybe...

Got any other bright ideas Super Nanny?


  1. I too had this same mind frame until Ty was in our bed for a WHOLE YEAR and I was not getting sleep at all. It was like having a new born again! So it might take you awhile, cause if you don't mind having him there than you will be more likely to cave to him once the crying starts...know what I mean?
    but you can always put the crib back together or put up a gate in his door.

  2. Putting a gate up is something I've thought of doing, that way I don't have to close his door completely. This summer when I'm not as busy I might try it!

  3. My brother slept in my parents' bed for probably two years. To FINALLY break him of this habit they started having him sleep on a pallet of blankets beside their bed. Then, about once a week they moved the pallet a little further away from the bed. Slowly they moved where he slept down the hall toward his room and then eventually he was sleeping on a pallet on his floor. Once he felt safe and happy sleeping in his room the transition back to his bed wasn't hard. I don't know if this would work for you because of the type of floors you have, but maybe you could use an air mattress or something? Anyway, it worked for my parents!

    I have also heard of people taking their kiddos back to their rooms and then sitting in the room with their backs turned until the little one falls asleep. It gives them safe feelings in their own room.

  4. That's a good idea Jess, but since we have those concrete floors I don't know how comfy that would be. I like the idea of taking him back into his room and sitting with my back to him until he falls asleep! That could work!