Monday, April 18, 2011

Something has been holding me back.

I've been playing with this crazy idea in my head for awhile now. There's something in my life that is keeping me from feeling true joy and peace. This "idol" is something I turn to when I'm feeling down to make me feel better. It helps me feel happy for a fleeting moment, but in the end I just feel guilty afterwards and regret doing it.

This idol that I'm talking shopping.

You might be kind of chuckling to yourself right now but I'm being completely serious here! I have felt super remorseful lately when I buy something that I don't need. Tonight all the cookies hit the fan and my hubby and I had this big talk about future stuff and about wasting money. To be quite honest it wasn't really a talk, it was an argument. I don't want you to think that I'm living beyond my means and racking up debt or anything, because we don't even have a credit card. It's just that when I get paid, and I have a little extra money, my brain starts to think of all these great things I can buy that I really would like to have. Things like; bookends and sugar dishes and skinny red jeans and gladiator sandals. Just to name a few. But do I really NEED these items? Of course not. I have a beautiful closet full of nice clothes and shoes. I could also think of a unique option for a sugar dish and bookends that re-purposes something I already have.

I know that this is obviously nothing "wrong" per say with doing a little shopping for yourself to brighten your day. Women do it all the time. But for some reason my brain just keeps rejecting the happiness that shopping once brought me and turning it into extreme guilt and remorse. Obviously, God's trying to tell me something here. If I didn't spend $250 per month on misc household items and clothes, just think of all the possibilities for that $250! I could save up for that trip to Africa I've been wanting to take. I could use the money towards JD's tuition to Cape Christian School. I could (GASP) donate the money to missions. There is seriously no limit to what I could do!

So, here's my crazy idea. What if I went for say, 1 year...... without buying anything besides groceries. That means no new magazines every month, no new clothes, no new kitchen new nail polishes (oh my goodness I think I'm about to start crying!) nothing. The purpose for this experiment would be to see if I start to feel my relationship with Christ go to a whole new level. It would also be interesting to see how it will effect my marriage, my budget, my free time, etc.

Now don't start getting excited because I haven't actually said I would go through with this yet. I'm still thinking about it. On a side note, obviously there will be times when I need to buy gifts for others, and clothes for JD. I'm thinking that in those instances I will buy only vintage or previously owned items. That way I'm not buying something new, I'm re-purposing. Also in the course of a year I'll probably need new bras and panties and in that case I think it will be ok to buy new. Second hand panties? Gross.

I'm going to think about this for the rest of the month. May 1st I'll make a decision. In the meantime....what do you think about my idea? Think it's worth trying?


  1. I def think it is a great idea! However I think you should start a bit smaller. That's just me, but a year is a long time and I would feel extremely bad if I didn't stick to it, but maybe try a month or 3 months and go from there. Good Luck!

  2. You know Erica that's probably a good idea. Maybe say 3 months? See how I do after that, then keep going if I want to. You're right I would feel really defeated if I said I was going to do a year and then didn't make it.

  3. Whoa! I love experiments like this! I have some GREAT websites and blogs to recommend for minimalism and simplicity. You can email me if you need me to send this inspiration your way!

  4. I've totally been in the same boat the past few months! Anytime we've got anything left in the budget, I find myself brainstorming the the different ideas and possibilities for my wardrobe, and we've started by budgeting $30 a month for anything clothing we NEED.

    It's caused a fuss a couple times from me, just because I was frustrated with myself and my careless regard of our spending, but it's such an awesome moment when you can truly appreciate God's provision of what you do have, and can find true gratitude when you do need something!

    I agree with Erica, though. Start smaller.. or the Bible uses 40 days as spiritually significant time period to implement change and make his people better. Praying for you girl!!

  5. Thanks for the encouragement ladies. I think 40 days is a great idea, Stacey! I just want to see if shopping has truely been a wedge between me and the Lord, and I am beginning to think that this experiment could help open my eyes to that. I'm going to keep praying about it over the next week or so and I'll let everyone know May 1st my decision!

  6. you know i am doing this...right? I have not bought any clothes since December...officially started January 1. I can buy other things, just no clothes. It has really limited my buying overall. I Love it!! DO IT!!!

  7. I think this is a great idea. This is definitely something I need to do as well. I find myself going to target to get my $10 birth control Rx and wind up leaving with $90 more of stuff I don't need. I think 40 days is a great way to start. You should keep a journal of the "wants" that you have during this time and then focus on why it's just a "want" and not a "need." I think it will take the want out of it and make it more of a "I don't really need that anymore item." I'll be praying for you girl.