Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I went without shoes for a day, and here's how it turned out....

5:30am WAKE UP!
I finished sewing Daniel's shirt for the half marathon and drank almost an entire pot of coffee. Also read some of THE WORD from 2 Cor 11. Without Shoes. The concrete floor of our garage house was pretty chilly, but I didn't mind too much. I got JD dressed and put his shoes in his diaper bag, just in case. He never wears shoes during the day anyways so today will probably be easier on him than me!

7:45am OFF TO WORK!
We have a gravel driveway that consists of some little rocks but mostly big sharp rocks. My car is only a few feet away from the porch but I had to make several trips back and forth from the house to load up my stuff and JD. Without Shoes. Needless to say I was walking VERY slowly but it was still pretty painful. I dropped JD off at Nana's and then headed to work. The ground outside my work is kinda nasty....lots of cigarette butts to watch out for.

My office's mailbox is all the way down the street. I had to dodge a broken beer bottle by walking in the wet grass. Without Shoes. My feet were cold and wet!

11:00am PAPERWORK!
My office is fairly clean, but today I was thankful to stay at my desk and work on paperwork. Without Shoes.

12:00pm LUNCH!
Went to Nana's to eat lunch with her and JD. Without Shoes. I showed Nana my dirty feet and she asked me if I wanted to wash them in the tub. I said no thank you, and tried not to get her carpet dirty.

My day up until now had been pretty routine, with no real drama. Then a customer came by to pick up an order and I had to help him load it into his car. Without Shoes. I also had to go out to our warehouse to get the order, and I had to jump over some oil spills. I got to tell my customer the story of TOM'S shoes and show him a picture of JD wearing his shirt!

3:00pm OFF WORK!!
Went to pick up JD, and we headed home. JD and I sat outside on the porch, I read a magazine and he played in the mud. Without Shoes.

It was a challenge to rehearse for Faith County, Without Shoes. At first I thought I'd go ahead and wear my TOM'S for rehearsal so the other actors wouldn't feel like they were going to step on me,  but no one seemed to mind that I was barefoot so I went for it! The stage was REALLY dirty and it was freezing up there!

I drove home from play practice. Without Shoes. After walking across the sharp gravel for the last time, I went inside to take a bath. Here's the final pic of my dirty feet before I washed them.

After my shower, I put lots of lotion on my feet and then put fuzzy socks on. My tootsie's definitely took a beating today, and I didn't even go running! As I now lay in bed and write this, my heart breaks for the little one's out there who live day in and day out not wearing shoes.

10:00pm PRAYER
Dear Lord, thank you for allowing me to own shoes. I take for granted that shoes are something so easily acquired. I pray that you comfort those in the world who do not have shoes to protect their feet, and I pray that through TOM'S and other organizations this problem would soon be solved. You are a loving and merciful God and I thank you for all that you do. Love you, Daddy. Goodnight.



  1. Look at those dirty feet! Haha. I need to finish up on my blog post and get the rest of my pictures up. I wish Derek would have been home so I could have taken a picture of my dirty feet. Glad you had a good day with no shoes.

  2. The stage WAS cold and dirty! My feet felt gross after practice...

    And also, I'm LOVING catching up on your blog. Wanna help me organize my apartment? LOL