Thursday, April 7, 2011


Just a little love note to say that I won't be online until Sunday evening, but I'll miss you all! I've got a full day at work tomorrow and then we're having a family weekend in the city Saturday and Sunday! Saturday we plan to go to Grant's Farm and love on some baby goats, also make a trip to the Alpine Shop for their Spring Swap Sale.

Sunday is the GOSTL half marathon, so wish me luck! Depending on how this race turns out, I'm seriously considering taking on a new exercise hobby. I just haven't enjoyed training for this race like I have in the past. I've started doing some research on road bikes and I think cycling might be something I'd enjoy more. Do you know anything about cycling? I know a couple people who used to bike so I'm going to keep picking their brains and find out more. Before I do any sort of project, whether it be staining concrete floors or trying a new recipe, I always do my research. I don't want to invest in a bike until I know it's something I want to commit to!

Just for fun, I wanted to share some of my all time favorite photo's with you guys. Hope you enjoy them, and I'll see you Sunday night!

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