Friday, April 15, 2011

Just a sneak peak....

This is the necklace you'll be receiving if you win my BLOG CONTEST!!!

This necklace along with TONS OF OTHER AWESOME GOODIES will be given away to one lucky lady! I'll be announcing the winner tomorrow morning. Just follow the link provided above for contest rules and a detailed list of the prizes! Good Luck and thanks again for reading my blog and sharing with others!


  1. P.S. I'd like to start doing Blog Contests every few months, with prizes relevant to the things I talk about on this blog. The more people that enter this first contest the more motivated I'll be to do another one ;)

  2. I hope I win so I can get the country chic perfume! I went by bath and body yesterday after my massage (looking like a total grease monkey because they oil from my face and neck got in my hair) and smelled it. I agree with you. It's perfect for someone with a snobby nose like mine. I get headaches and sick to my stomach when I smell something too strong and that scent was perfect.

  3. That necklace is lovely, Leslie!