Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I'm very excited to offer you this contest! Rules are simple and a winner will be chosen at random. I'm simply interested in what your favorite blog post of mine is so far. I've been blogging since January and it has become something I greatly enjoy doing! I would just like to know what YOU, THE READER enjoy.....well reading!

Simply respond to either this post or my Facebook page the title of your favorite blog post of mine so far. On the right hand side of my blog you can see all the past blog titles. Thanks for participating!

The winner will receive an Easter basket with the following:

*A bottle each of Loreal Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner (that I reviewed here)

* 1 copy of the May Issue of Lucky Magazine

* 1 copy of the May Issue of People Style Watch Magazine

* $10.00 gift card to Kohls

* A cute necklace from Charlotte Russe. New with tags and receipt so you can return it if you wish!

* A 3oz bottle of Bath and Body Work's new fragrance Country Chic. Also a 3oz bottle of the lotion!
Look for a post about how much I ADORE this fragrance this week!

You get all this in a sweet basket with "Easter Grass" included! If you're one of my out of town friends and you win, don't worry! I'll mail your prize to you :)

Winner will be announced Saturday, April 16th, so you have this week to enter! Good luck and thanks again for participating!!


  1. P.S. I'll put all the participants name in a hat and have John draw the winner! Good luck!

  2. My faves so far include "Vintage Finds" and "Garden Lady.". I really do enjoy your blog, Leslie - thanks for sharing!

    (btw - I got that mustard cardigan two years ago. I will have to look at the tag to tell you where.)

  3. "Not Perfect but Trying" - I love your honesty! Oh, good to talk to you this weekend! lol

  4. Country chic...how perfect for you! Love your blog girl and appreciate the advertising! :)

  5. Snow Day

    And...nice work on the STL 1/2.

  6. Hey thanks for the feedback everyone :)

  7. Leslie I love your blog! :) (btw it's Kathleen from play practice :) Kastle is my nickname from my amazing nieces :D) Your posts are so creative, fun, joyful, and just show your heart! :) I read through all your posts and with each one I had no idea if I could pick a favorite! However, I got to your first blog post and I loved it. Thinking of a Master Plan... Here lately I have been struggling with my plan not necessarily lining up with God's and I would much rather be following God's plan than my own! Thanks for sharing and keep on blogging I love reading your blogs :)

  8. My favorite post was definitely "Little Things That Make My Life Easier". I just love all of your tips! All the Monday posts are fun too. Good luck with the contest!

  9. Mine was "#1 worst parenting habit ever...broken by me" lol. loved it and can totally relate. love reading your blogs. they're fun and insightful. luv ya!

  10. Such a good idea! I love all your posts, but my favorite was probably February first's "Websites I Love"... You introduced me to lucky.com's how-to videos which insprired me to dye that vintage dress! I hope I win, the prizes are so great!!

  11. Well I thought I posted on here but it's not showing up. hmmmmm My favorite was your "one day without shoes" post. It was good getting to see what all you did that day. I know my feet were killing me that day and I thought it was hilarious how dirty your feet were. Oh, and the garden lady post. I know exactly who you are talking about!

  12. The mustard cardi is actually Worthington (the older lady brand). And I agree with Ash - the prizes look amazing! :)