Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Beauty of Today.

TODAY is Thursday. And it's a great day for many reasons.

1. THE SUN IS SHINING!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

2. I have fresh flowers on my desk thanks to my co-workers remembering Administrative Professionals Day yesterday.

3. I'm finished with 2 organizing jobs! And I have these organizing tools leftover to use for my own house :)

These fabric cubes will be good for John to put little toys and blocks in. I also plan to use one or two in Daniel's shop area for catch-all bins.

This looks like an ordinary shoe organizer, and you can most definitely use it for shoes. I plan to use it in Daniel's shop to store tools, extra lightbulbs, nails and screws, etc. Daniel has some industrial shelves in his shop and I'll just hang the organizer on one side.

4. Thursday is Cape's FARMER'S MARKET! If you've never been, come with me today! The market is in the parking lot of the old ice-skating rink in the Town Plaza. It runs from 2-5pm and I plan to go at 3pm. Last week I bought some unbelievably fresh spinach (cut from the garden that very morning!) that we used in pasta's and salads the rest of the week. You can also pick up some sweet re-usable totes that say "Cape Farmer's Market" on them for only $1.00 a piece.

5. I am getting a new digital camera! My old camera bit the dust two days ago. It was actually in my bed and I accidentally kicked it off onto the floor :( Now it won't take any pictures. I'm sad about this because I don't want to spend the money to get a new one but I'm also excited because my new camera will take better quality photos. Here's the camera I'm getting.

It's EXACTLY like my old camera, only it has 14.1 megapixels (whatever that means) and my old camera only had 3.1mp. Also, it's only $150.00, and 6 years ago when I bought my camera it was $250.00!! So I'm getting a newer, better camera for $100.00 less than what I paid before.

I hope everyone is able to enjoy the sunshine today.

"The Lord is a Sun and Shield, the Lord gives Grace and Glory. No good thing does he withhold from those who walk in His path." Psalms 84:11

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