Friday, April 1, 2011

It's finally done.

It's April 1st, and we're officially finished with the rental house! The amount of relief I feel is seriously overwhelming. To know that there are happy renters in the house with great references and the deposit has been paid is a wonderful feeling! To celebrate all our hard work Daniel is going on a fishing trip this weekend with a friend, and I'm doing my most favorite thing in the entire world: Staying Home. I have some fun things planned but what I'm looking forward to most is staying in my pajamas and cuddling with JD.

Another reason to get excited is that my hands are finally clean! For the past 3 weeks I haven't worn any nail polish (and you know how I feel about my nail polish) because of all the painting I've been doing. Since we're totally finished painting, I got myself a perdy new nailpolish to celebrate!

Essie, Sew Psyched. Kind of looks like an army green color on. Loving it!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and remember we'll be home so if you want to drop by you're welcome to! Just don't expect me to look my best since I'll probably be in my robe 24/7 :)

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