Sunday, April 10, 2011

St. Louis Half Marathon!!!

I promised I'd do a post on the half marathon, but it definitely wasn't my greatest moment in life. I walked a lot, and it was super hot, hilly, and windy. The race officials actually cancelled the full marathon because they were concerned with the heat. We had a great weekend together as a family though! Saturday we ate at some delicious local STL restaurants, Llwelyn's Irish Pub and Racanelli's Pizza. We also spent some time in the hotel pool and hot tub, which is a Hazelwood Family Hotel MUST anytime we travel :)

Here are some photo's from the weekend :)

Here's Daniel's shirt I made him to wear for the race. He was a real trooper and actually wore it, but wouldn't let me take a picture haha.

JD's shirt I made him. So cute! He was the best little cheerleader anyone could ask for!

Me and Katie after the race. She was such a great motivator. You know you've got a true friend when they run next to you for 13.1 miles and even offer to give you a piggy back ride when you're tired. Love ya girl.

I'm off work tomorrow and hope to do some cleaning, shopping, maybe even get a mani! I need a little me time after all that hard work :)

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