Friday, April 15, 2011

Fashion Friday: Granny Booties

I'm kind of a fan of fashion. There are a couple of blogs I follow that really help me on those "I can't find a thing to wear" days, but I want to try to use my own brain and put together outfits that are uniquely me. Thus FASHION FRIDAY is born! I'm going to try my bestest (I love that word, even though it's not really a word) to debut a couple different looks on Friday that are completely wearable for moms on the go. Today I'm busting out my newest pair of shoes: The Granny Booties.

I got them on sale for $29.99 marked down from $70.00 at Pennies. At first I had a hard time deciding if they were ugly or adorable. I've seen sooo many looks with oxfords this year and have wanted a pair for myself that was a little more feminine. That's why I liked this pair right away, because they have the low heel and are very lady-like. What do you think? Too "old fashioned" looking? Or fashion forward? Anyway I'm loving them right now and will get a few more wears out of them this Spring before sandal season sets in. Here are a few Inspiration Photos of women sporting the oxford bootie look.
Photo from Style Bakery

Oxfords on the left. Photo from People Style Watch
Jessica Alba's nod to menswear. People Mag

Ok, here's my take on the look. I know it's a little.....different for Southeast Missouri fashion, but I think they're completely adorable. Bonus- they're comfy! Take that ordinary heels! 

This my casual look with the booties. I cuffed up my jeans so they would be more "Spring Appropriate". I am just wearing a plain white scoop neck tee on top with a black boyfriend blazer thrown over it. Without the blazer this would work too! For my office though, I think the blazer makes it look a little more put together. Ok, so what do you think?  

This final look is a little more fancy and my favorite! I'm wearing skinny crops in olive green and a sparkly tank on top. I love how the olive green pants and booties look together!

So, what's the verdict? Would you wear menswear inspired shoes?

Happy Friday Everyone! Don't forget to enter my BLOG CONTEST if you haven't already. I'll be announcing a winner tomorrow morning!

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