Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Sensitive "Olfactories"

I'm not really into scents. Lot's of people love scented candles, scented body wash, scented air fresheners, perfumes, etc etc but I just never jumped onto the trend. I do use candles in my home sometimes, but only if they're given to me as gifts. I can't remember ever buying a candle for myself - I just think of it as a waste of money I guess. The first week I started dating Daniel he bought me perfume - perfume that I had looked at with him in the department store and told him that I liked. Now, I didn't exactly LIE to Daniel by telling him I liked the perfume, because I really did like it. We were actually looking for a gift for his mother and he asked me which perfume I would buy if I had my choice. I didn't want to admit that I was a perfume-hater for fear of seeming un-ladylike, so I picked out one with a pretty bottle that actually smelt ok. Anyway, to make a long story short, he bought me the perfume instead of his mother (he tricked me!) and has been buying it for me when one bottle runs dry ever "scents."

The perfume is by Paris Hilton, who is not known to be the most lady-like woman on the planet. I'm even a little embarrassed to tell you that I wear her perfume. That's why when I discovered this new fragrance from Bath and Body Works, I was really excited and a little shocked that I LOVED IT!
I was suckered into smelling the new fragrance "Country Chic" by it's clever slogan: "For the effortlessly sexy woman" (which, hello, is my ultimate style goal!) and once I tested it I fell in love. It has a woodsy, floral scent that actually sticks with me throughout the day. Unlike most perfumes I've found this scent is not overpowering, and I've gotten compliments on it all day.

My verdict: I'm officially a scent girl, with a new smell to call my own. Bath and Body Works currently has $2.00 3oz testers for sale right now that I encourage you to try! From a girl who has always had sensitive "olfactories" and hasn't been able to find something that smells like "me," I must say I'm now on the perfume/scents bandwagon. Now, if only they made this perfume in a candle I'd be in heaven; if you bought it for me that is :)

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