Tuesday, July 12, 2011

coffee and other drugs.

I've been indulging in some relaxing summer activities lately that I think you should know about and/or go and experience for yourself. One request- PLEASE call me when you do. I'll go with :)

Soy latte's not only make me very happy, but they also give me a nice amount of protein to start my morning which is very important for ALL women. (According to Dr. Oz) Run. Don't walk. Run to Calix Coffeebar on Broadway. From one coffee addict to another, proceed with caution. Two delicious shots of quality beans for each 12 ounce drink. Take that, Starbucks. (Although, I'm in no way dissing Starbucks. We still have a mutual friendship and meet up about once a week.)

Orange creme filling. Dark chocolate. Powdered sugar. Is your mouth watering yet? Also from Calix. I actually ordered the Chai Oatmeal but he brought this out with it....for free. The Chef was just preparing these for fun and wanted me to try. How's that for service?!

Last Sunday we randomly decided to take the boat out on Lake Kincaid. After two jump starts we finally got the old bass tracker going. Josey enjoyed the wind in her ears and the cool water.

John loved the boat. His lifejacket....not so much. I kept saying "Safety First!" And he'd reply "No, Mom!"

We tried out Hunter Valley Winery last weekend too. Beautiful views, but watch out for bees. John got his first sting. Luckily the staff had some "bee gone" ointment which really helped. Also, they have a nice air conditioned stage area where a guitarist was performing. When we needed a break from the heat we went inside to listen; very relaxing.

Don't mind the sour-puss face. I didn't think my head would be in the pic. I just wanted to show you my newest obsession: The Linen Scarf. Perfect for my overly-air conditioned office. It's been with me everyday, even yesterday when the temps reached 103 degrees! My Nana picked the scarf up for me from Coldwater Creek, which has some of the most beautiful scarves and jewelry you will ever see.

Anyway, I just wanted to show you some fun things to lighted up your Tuesday :) Oh, and are you following me on Twitter? You should. xoxoxo

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