Thursday, July 14, 2011

Goodbye Fake. Hello Natural.

It's been around 200 days since I highlighted my hair. Seriously. It was Christmas the last time I had any color added. In an effort to both save money and embrace my more natural side, I've decided not to dye my hair for awhile. I'm not saying forever, but heck, I've gone 200 days already so I might as well go the rest of the year, right? I know that soon I'll start getting some greys....but you know what? I'm kind of excited about it. Don't you just love those ladies with the long, silky, silver hair? I do.

 I'll also save appx $200.00 per year by not highlighting. That's a good chunk of change! I took these pictures in my office this morning so you can see for yourself if I have any re-growth. I've been out in the sun a lot so I think that helps keep my hair light.

Hey! That doesn't look so bad. And actually, my natural color is sort of a dishwater blond so it's pretty light. I think I was somewhat addicted to having my hair super blond that I forgot that my natural color is nice, too.

Don't mind me. Just sitting in my office. Thinking about hair. Oh and p.s. I think the lights are super bright in here, because my hair looks blonder than it has in months at this moment. Seriously.

Even if my hair does start to get darker on top, I can go for that whole "Ombre" type look with the fading and blending of colors.

One of my favorite fashion bloggers, Orchid Grey, has got the Ombre thing down. Isn't her hair amazing?

Ombre-ness close up. Hair Envy going on right now, for sure. Click on any of the photo's if you want to see extra close up.

Be sure to check out Orchid Grey's blog for more of her hair adventures and fashion inspiration.

In other news, this afternoon I'm touring a historical home here in Cape called the Harrison House. Click on the link to hear its sad story. I'm excited to take some photos, and actually I'm working on a "Lost Cape Girardeau" story about some of the buildings here in Cape that are in need of repair. Hopefully I'll have that up and going next week. Happy Thursday, everyone!


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