Thursday, July 21, 2011

a birthday filled with love.

I turned 25 today. We didn't do anything fancy....I just wanted to spend time with my loved ones. We had cake and dinner at my mom's house, yum! I thought to celebrate I'd show you some past birthday pics of me, starting with my 20th and up until now.

20th Birthday, fresh off the plane from New Zealand. My best friend Christine and I had a combined party. Her birthday is the day after mine, so this was her 21st! I was happy to be home from NZ, but I remember thinking that I missed my friends from Kiwi Land.

My 21st birthday was actually spent in Dallas with a "summer love" that some of you might remember hehe. This was the week after my 21st and I was babysitting these two sweethearts. That year I spent many weekends with these girls and their younger brother....I skipped the partying stage and went right into practicing my motherly instincts.

22 was a big year! I had a baby and got engaged to Daniel. He proposed on my 22nd birthday in the backyard of our home. I still remember how nervous he was....his shirt was soaking wet with sweat!

We celebrated my 23rd birthday at my favorite restaurant, Saffron. We've made it a tradition to go there every year since. The day after my birthday we flew to Philadelphia for vacation!

We went to Saffron on my 24th birthday as well, but had cake at my mom's beforehand. Here I am with my cake and wearing one of my favorite dresses. I still have this dress and it's still one of my favorites! I won't be swapping it anytime soon :)

Welp, I'm 25 today. That's a quarter of a century :) I spent my morning at VBS, afternoon at work, then went to dinner with my mom, sister, nana, Daniel, and John. Isn't that cake amazing!! And it matches my dress, which wasn't planned I promise!
It's been a crazy five years, but I wouldn't change anything that I've been through. I had a blessed day, and I've had a blessed life! Thank you all for loving me and helping make my life happy.

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