Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Adjust your Attitude to Gratitude"

I am LOVING helping with CBC's Vacation Bible School this year. All of the songs, including "Adjust your Attitude" are so catchy and fun! I play "Chef Penelope" in the opening and closing skits....LOVE IT! Thank you to all the workers and my fellow cast mates Robyn and Mark. I know God is working in some sweet kiddos lives this week!

As Pastor James Green said....."testimonies of adults often begin with "I remember that one summer at VBS when I first heard from God..." God can and does work in the lives of children!

If you are interested in sending your child to VBS, it's not too late! They can come with me today, tomorrow and Friday! I'd be happy to take them and stay with them if you have to work.

Also, thank you to my boss for allowing me to be off work in the mornings so I can be a part of VBS. Not every job would be willing to do that. I'm reminded that I need to "Adjust my Attitude to Gratitude" and thank God for everything in my life.....including my job!

Thanks also to my good friend Julie Hughes for letting me borrow her authentic Chef outfit. The kids really love the hat! :)

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  1. Could you please tell me what VBS curriculum you used that has that song? I've been searching Google for the publishing information and can't find it. Everybody who blogs about it or posts on youtube never says WHAT curriculum they're talking about, just "VBS"- that's not too helpful! Would be grateful for a reply. Sincerely, Beth