Sunday, July 31, 2011


Saturday we went to the Jackson City Homecomers celebration and today we spent the day leisurely cooking and watching movies. My kinda weekend!

John is about to ride his first Homecomers ride. The Notorious Pink Elephants.

Dad: "Ok, John. You sure you want to ride by yourself?"
Mommy was definitely scared!

He's an elephant riding pro. Duh. 

After the elephants, we headed to a safer ride, the Motorcycles.

The motorcycles were definitely his favorite. 

Going down a big slide with Dad!!

Yep, that is a really, really big slide. 

One more trip to the motorcycles before we left. 

Homecomers 2011 = A success! 
It definitely felt different being the one observing at Homecomers vs. the one participating. I can't say I miss the unstable rides and the expensive carny games though!

What weekend would be complete without a little randomness? This chair is sitting on the side of a cornfield on our way home. Ghost Guardian of the Field, perhaps?

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