Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sanity Saving Tip: Must...Read.....Now....

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! I'm taking the day to recover from the festivities and catch up on some work stuff a bit, but I do want to share a couple of newish websites and blogs I've been following that are fantastically amazing and you should definitely check out. Not only are these great reads, but they also offer products or contests that are super fun.

1. Lauren Nicole Love. In a raw, unedited, love-filled way, this woman speaks to me. She has a passion for the world, for women's rights, for Christ. I'm convicted, convinced, and changed by her writing. Read her stuff. Now.

Also, check out her work on the Good Woman Project. More amazingness. You would never guess that this woman is only 23 years old. Crazy, I know!

2. Lauren's boyfriend is also a writer; Make It Mad by Max Andrew Dubinsky. Guy's point of view on pornography, sex, women, Jesus and all of the above; combined. Make your boyfriend or husband read this. Today.

3. From the love of both the above, check out their artwork....for sale. Signed prints to help them on their cross-country journey:

my choice. $40.00 to help these two with gas money is so worth it to me. They share love everyday with their writing, so I can share a bit as well, and nab a sweet new photo for my bathroom.

4. What I Wore. Fashion talk from a real sweetheart. This girl is seriously so nice. I of course have never met her but I can just tell through her writing, ya-know-what-I-mean? Her new book comes out TODAY so I'm buying it, TODAY. Can't wait!

Jessica Quirk, holding her new book, in an outfit she created using a dress as a top and an old skirt. Clever, huh? She also sews and makes her own clothes sometimes....love! She and I could be long lost sisters.

Anyway if you're having a slow day like me and have time to check out these sites, please do. You won't regret it.

Oh, and did I mention I'm now on Twitter? "Welcome to the Dark Side" --- words from @BobbyClubbs.

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