Monday, July 25, 2011

Sanity Saving Monday Tip: Is it really all about the Benjamins??

I hate money. I really do.

I don't like how it makes you take for granted what you already have.

I don't like how it competes for affection.

I don't like how it's used in poor ways.

I don't like how it makes me feel.

Money makes people feel snobby.  It can make you feel inadequate, unworthy, or sub-par. Money seems to do more harm than good, I'd say. But we need money, right?

I need money to pay bills.

I need money to feed my coffee addiction.

I need money to give gifts.

I need money to conduct business.

Wouldn't it be great if we didn't need money to do all those things? If we could just pay for goods and services with other goods or services?

I actually heard someone say recently "When I have a car I like, then I'll feel like I'm on the right track. When I have a job that pays what I want it to pay, then I'll have it made." Do you see something wrong with this? Me too.

I hate how money makes people feel like they aren't as good as everyone else, or that they haven't "made it" to where they want to be.

I've been thinking a lot about money lately. It takes money to get into the real estate business like my husband and I are currently trying to do. We have to have a down payment to buy a rental house, then we have to have a loan from the bank to make improvements on the property, then we have to find the best interest rate, and so on and so forth. Money money money. Can I just vent a little here and say that I don't like all this? I mean, does growing up really have to be about moving "up" as well? 

What if all the money we made, actually went to someone else, instead of to "move up" in our business? Who says we can't be satisfied with what we have? Why do we need more and more and more?

My Sanity Saving Tip: Don't let having money or the lack thereof make you forget what your purpose is. Share Jesus. Give to those who need. If you have more, give more. Do your part in sharing Christ's love.

Pray that you can conduct your business in a manner that is wholesome and humble. Don't get too far ahead of yourself.

Stop, smell the flowers, and think about the best way to utilize your money.

Have a good Monday, friends.

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