Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vintage Finds and Skinny Wraps.

Last night was SO much fun! I had an impromptu "Skinny Wrap" party with just a few close friends. It was impromptu because my friend Lauren, who sells the wraps, was just going to come wrap me but I invited a couple girls over to make it more fun. Turns out since I invited people over it was considered a "party" so I got a FREE wrap! Woo hoo! We had a great time but unfortunately I didn't lose any inches around my waist from the Skinny Wrap. I hear other girls had great success with it which is awesome! Guess my tummy fat just likes to stay where it is, and not "detox" out of me via saran wrap. Ha.

I also scored some sweet new kitchen accessories from Annie Laurie's Antiques. The table cloth and the new salt and pepper shakers are adorable and if you've been to my house recently you know I desperately needed some new salt and pepper shakers! Check out the Annie Laurie's blog for inspiration on decorating with vintage pieces.

 Notice the delicious hummus and snow pea appetizer.....yummy. I'm kicking myself today for not packing this in my bag as a snack.

Hahahahhaaaa. Hilarious. My plastic wrapped belly. Flattering, huh?

I'm glad my friends and I are so comfortable and in love with each other that we can act silly and not be embarrassed to pose in our boxers and saran wrap.

When's the last time you did something silly and fun? Let your hair down, ladies. Let it down.

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