Monday, July 18, 2011

Sanity Saving Monday Tip: Scheduling Scare

You all know that dreaded feeling I'm're suddenly reminded of an appointment that (gasp!) you had forgotten to write down! I felt that way this morning when my boss told me we had an evening meeting tonight, which we NEVER have evening meetings so I can't really blame myself too much for having forgotten. Anyway I'm glad I didn't double book myself because that's something that I hate doing....cancelling  because of a scheduling error. Here's my planner for the week, and it's pretty full as you can see.

VBS every morning, work in the afternoons, dinner with family 3 nights, birthday celebrations, coffee meetings, and somehow fitting in blogging.... Phew we're busy!

Last night I kept waking up thinking that I'd oversleep and miss VBS, or that I'd forget my costume, or my lines....ahhhh! Can you say anxiety? I finally had to get up and get out my Bible. I talked to God and gave Him my schedule for the week. Everything I do, I want it to be in His hands.

Sometimes we over-book ourselves, or get caught up in our appointments and meetings and forget who's really in charge. We have so much going on that we forget what we were actually put on this Earth to do. God doesn't care how many clubs you're in, or meetings you attend. He wants ALL of you, not just the tired, worn out, end-of-the-day cranky you. He should be the main thing we make time for, because everything else is just extra.

My Sanity Saving Tip: If you have a busy week, and you feel overwhelmed with your schedule, give it to God. Things will not only go more smoothly, but chances are you'll sleep better and feel more relaxed.

What's your week look like? Hope you had a good Monday, friends! xoxo

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