Thursday, January 12, 2012

Buns, Booties and Bruises.

My lovely New Year's Eve dress has been begging me to wear it again. I just love that emerald green shade--so bold!

I wanted to wear it to meet a friend after work, but needed to re-mix it a bit so I wouldn't look exactly the same as I did on NYE. To make the dress more casual, I paired it with booties, a leather belt and my (fake!) fur vest, aka my Coyote Vest.

I planned to not wear tights, but then I noticed that both of my calves have giant bruises on them from cycling. Just shows how dedicated I am to the sport--watch out Lance!

Dress: Ruche. Belt: Thrifted. Fur Vest: AE. Booties: Macy's. Tights: Target.
The tights make things a bit more comfortable when sitting down anyway. I don't have to keep remembering to cross my legs because you can't see anything up my skirt with the tights on. Thanks, tights!
Let's talk hair for a sec---have you heard of the blogger bun? Basically it's a messy top knot like I'm sporting today. More examples here and here!

The Blogger Bun is so easy, and looks especially cute with my bangs--you might be seeing my hair like this often, so I hope you like it.

P.S.....I'm guest blogging over at The In Between today.....sharing a few thrift shopping secrets! Check it out!

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  1. We had the same color NYE dress! Good job on wearing again. Thanks again for the guest post. Email me your address do I can send you my thank you. :)