Thursday, January 19, 2012

For Chase: Corduroy Skirt.

For Chase: Corduroy Skirt

This set is for my friend Chase! Chase has a brownish/grey corduroy skirt, and here's an option of what to pair with it! I love the way the maroon tights compliment the navy blouse. Pair with brown boots for a casual look. I'm not sure if I'd tuck the top in or leave it out, that's up to you, Chase!

For Chase x2: Corduroy Skirt

Another option is to pair the skirt with dark green tights. Not "Peter Pan Green" if you know what I mean! Just a simple, dark green. Pair with an off white cozy sweater and nude flats. I think that nude shoes go with everything! The icing on the cake is turquoise accessories---so pretty and simple.

In the spring, skip the tights and keep wearing your boots and flats. Hope that helps, Chase!

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  1. I love these looks. I am obsessed with my maroon tights lately.

    I need your address missy. E-mail me at pleaseeee