Monday, January 9, 2012

Smoking Jacket.

One of my all time favorite board games as a kid was "Clue." I have always loved a good mystery, which explains my complete Nancy Drew Collection from my pre-teens and my now obsession with the show Dexter.

This jacket reminds me of a cross between Mrs. Peacock and Professor Plum. Both stylish, in my opinion. Although part of me wishes I looked a bit more like Miss Scarlet, the sexy one. That's where the leopard kitten heels come into play I suppose.

This velvet blazer is timeless. I can wear it now in my 20's and, well, for the rest of my life. The color is a bit unexpected and that's what I like about it.

Velvet Blazer: Talbot's clearance (only $25!). Lace Tee: Talbot's clearance ($10). Skinnies: AE. Kitten Heels: Target.
 Professor Plum would definitely rock a blazer jacket. While smoking a cigar. In the Library.

Mrs. Peacock probably wouldn't wear a jacket this bold, but she would wear a lace blouse, only probably not in the form of a tee shirt. Think Victorian: high collar and long sleeves.

Who are your favorite fictitious style icons?

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  1. Hey I didn't know you were a "Clue" game player. I play with an accent though not my usual country bunkin accent but an elaborate one. lol. I play with the nieces cause no one else wants to ever play games. Anyway I like that outfit. I think that Jacket brings it all together along with the shoes. I don't have any fictitious style icons though. Made me think on that one!