Friday, January 27, 2012


My baby turns three Sunday! I love a good party, so naturally we're celebrating in style at our house.The theme is "Art" and everyone is encouraged to wear color and old clothes--we'll be painting mini canvases and sculpting with homemade playdoh!

Here's what I plan to wear for the party. Colorful and fun, just like my little man. I'm also wearing it today at work because I love it that much!

Parrot Shirt: Old Navy. Red Jeans: NY&Co. Grey Wedges: Target.

And yes, I did go there. I painted my nails like the rainbow :) That's how I roll.

Green: OPI's Jade is the New Black. Yellow: OPI's The IT Color. Blue: Essie's One Day Without Blues. Pink: Essie's Lady Like. Red: Essie's Clambake. Bracelet: Gift from Jess

I'm turning off my screens for the weekend and spending time with the number one person in my life. I'll share party pics next week. Happy weekend everyone!

Now if I could just get the Birthday Boy to put down the iPhone for awhile.....

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