Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Winter Depression.

I have a great friend who used to go into a sort of seasonal depression right after Christmas.

I can relate.

The holiday's are so exciting! Lots of family fun and delicious food and days off from work. Then we get into super cold and dreary January and February, where the only thing I really look forward to is warm meals in the crockpot.

My wardrobe is pretty dreary right now too. I open the closet door and just stare into a sea of nothingness. In actuality, I have plenty to wear. I'm just having trouble piecing outfits together. I find myself reaching for the same sweater and jeans every morning. Oh to wear short sleeves and shorts! Spring, where are you??

I threw this on the other day when I was going out for a drink with a friend. It was one of those days that I wanted to wear something unique, but I think I might have ended up looking a bit too much like Michael Jackson. My closet just isn't inspiring me lately. What do you think of this look? Fun and fancy free or too costumey?

Sequin sweater: Vintage, Pastimes Antiques. Chambray Shirt: Target. Skinny Pants: Target. Booties: Macy's. Belt: Talbots.
 If you're in a winter slump, here's a few sites to check out for inspiration!
My personal PINTEREST

Good Life for Less: Jill is going through the same kind of winter rut as me, only she's not letting it get her down! Check out some of her fun, colorful ways to get through the next couple of months!

Kendi Everyday: If I had to choose one other person on the planet to switch closets with, it would definitely be Kendi. Her style is magnificent.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go brush up on my Thriller technique.


  1. Sounds like youre ready for me to send you some swap items. :) I like the outfit. I agree I would soooo trade closets with Kendi.

  2. HaHa! I don't know much about style, but I think its a cute outfit, especially your shoes! I went to college in Wisconsin and used to get super depressed in the winter. When I graduated, I decided to move to Florida away from the gloomy winter weather, but sometimes I still struggle with the winter blues. I'm looking forward to spring too!