Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Ugg-ly Debate.

Apparently in the fashion world, Uggs are NOT acceptable footwear outside of the house.

Out of all the fashion blogs I follow, I have yet to see a single one of them sport a pair of Uggs in an outfit post. I have even heard some bloggers actually call Uggs, well, Ugly.

While everyone is entitled to their opinion, I think Uggs are comfy, warm and adorable when worn appropriately. That being said, here are a few rules to stick by when wearing Uggs or Ugg-like boots:

1. Please, I beg you, DO NOT wear Uggs with Nike running shorts. Isn't the point of Uggs to stay warm? Hey, Sorority Sister, you can't be warm in those short sport shorts.

2. Uggs + PJ Pants = OK FOR AT HOME ONLY! If I see you at the gas station in Uggs and PJ pants, I hope it's because you're on your way to the hospital to give birth. Otherwise, not ok ladies. Not ok.
And actually, if you're on the way to the hospital to give birth, why are you stopping at a gas station??

3. Uggs are casual boots, so keep the rest of your outfit casual. Uggs and skinny jeans or flares look cute with a tee and messy hair. Uggs + dresses? Probably not ok unless you're wearing tights.

My boots are not Uggs, because I think the actual Ugg brand is overpriced for what the boot actually is. A rubber sole with suede outer lining and shearling inside. You can't even wear these boots in the snow or you'll ruin them. Rain? Nope, can't wear em' in the rain either or they'll get all kinds of messed up.

Mustard Hair Flower: Made by the lovely Jamie. Striped Sweater: JCPenney. Jeans: AE. Peace Sign Belt: AE. Boots: Bearpaw via Macy's.
 I wouldn't wear an outfit like this to a restaurant, but it's fine for a casual dinner at home with friends.

What do you think of Uggs?

Disclaimer: It's ok if you wear Uggs and Nike shorts. I'll still accept you and call you friend, just don't wear it around me unless you want to be made fun of :)

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  1. For me personally because of my short legs, jeans tucked into my boots just doesn't work well. But I think for other people if they are worn appropriately it looks just fine! :)

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  3. I just never have cared for the look of Uggs or Ugg-like boots. I think they kind of look clunky even on long-legged people (i.e. me) and, I agree, they aren't very versatile. It irritates me when any company charges a ton of money for a shoe that can't be worn in multiple situations. :)Plus, if I want something to wear around home with lounge pants I'll just wear slippers or flip flops. Also, I've kind of been turned off of them by seeing little 12-15 year old girls at malls wearing them with bare legs and micro-mini jean skirts from Abercrombie when it's below freezing outside.

  4. I'm with you. I actually don't mind Uggs (or in my case, imitation Uggs from Target). They're like slippers you can wear outside. And I have worn them in an outfit post before!

  5. @ Chase I agree, Uggs aren't very versatile, and they are definitely clunky! I always feel like bigfoot in mine.

    @ Rebekah cute outfit post! Glad someone else is brave enough to sport Uggs on their blog!