Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Lovelies.

Happy Monday! Here are a few things that have been on my mind lately

1. Red pants! How cute is this simple look on Miranda Kerr? I've been debating on red jeans recently and this pic has me convinced I need a pair.

Photo from here.
 2. John's 3rd birthday is less than two weeks away. I've been gathering a few ideas from pintrest for his party, including this adorable caterpillar cupcake :)

My friend and I are making the cupcakes ourselves. I'm still tossing back and forth the caterpillar idea, but I might end up just doing a rainbow of colored icing. The theme for his party is "Art" and the kiddos will be painting little canvases to take home as a souvenir---I'm so excited!

3. I'm in looove with smoking loafers. I'm on the prowl, for real.
Exhibit A: Lulus.

Exhibit B: Classic Black. Steve Madden

Exhibit C: Sparkly. JCP.

4. Being comfy while I'm sick :(

Sweater: Not sure, super old. Tank: NY&Co. Jeans: Target. Sparkly Sperry's: Journey's.
Sunday I left the house for 10 minutes to run by my Mommy's for more meds. The cold that hit everyone in my family but me at Christmas finally made it's way into my sinuses. I'm feeling better today thanks to Daquil and the four oranges I ate this morning for breakfast. Yay vitamin C and plenty of rest!

5. When I'm sick, I always paint my nails since I have nothing else to do besides lay in bed and feel lousy.

This is my new favorite, Essie's Sole Mate.

Target, $7.

I've got a busy week planned! What are you up to? Happy MLK day!


  1. Feel better soon friend. Get lots of rest and if you need any chicken noodle soup I will mail some to you because I'm not going to get anywhere near that cold. Haha. love you friend!

  2. Buy red pants. I have a pair and I've only worn once but have plans for wearing them more. The art theme is great! Go for the caterpillar!