Friday, January 20, 2012

Steak Dinner and a Product Review.

Southeast Missouri is not the fashion capitol of the world. Obviously when I visit a down-home diner such as Terry's Country Cafe in Old Appleton, I can't show up wearing my faux fur vest and leopard stilettos. Well, in theory I guess I could, but I wouldn't be comfortable. And sometimes you just want to fit in!

 Terry's Country Cafe in Old Appleton, MO features a steak dinner once a month for $8.95. That's a bacon wrapped steak and two sides for under $10. Yes! Last night was steak night so we all loaded up in the car and headed over there. Terry's Country Cafe is as "country" as you can get. I love the atmosphere there! I wanted to wear my new jeans (more on that in a minute) and a comfy top so I could stuff my face and no one would notice my "food baby."

Tunic: Yard Sale. Black Skinny Jeans: Target, recent purchase with a coupon! Wedges: Old Navy.
 This outfit was still "me" without being too flashy for an old country cafe. I love this baby pink tunic top, it looks cute belted as well.

Let's talk a little bit about these black jeans. I love black jeans for the mere fact that I can get away with wearing them to work and still be business casual (Think these jeans with a lady like blouse and a black blazer). I have owned a few pairs of black jeans but this new pair is seriously THE BEST fitting jean ever; and they're from TARGET! They have the perfect amount of stretch (only 1% spandex, any more than that would stretch out too much) and they are a mid-rise style which is much more lady like than hip huggers. I'm wearing them again today actually, and they still fit just as awesome as last night. Bonus: These jeans are on sale (right this very moment!) for $22. Go to and print off a COUPON for an addition $3.00 off any women's apparel item and that brings the final price to $19! Score!

Black jeans can be super slimming, but not if they're all stretched out and baggy by mid-day. Look for a pair with less than 1% spandex and with a mid to high rise in the waist for a more flattering silhouette.

Don't mind me if you see me wearing these jeans tomorrow too :) Have a good weekend, friends!

My sweet little Sooie pup.

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