Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Super Bowl Dreams.

I mentioned this to a few select folks, but not the blogosphere---before football season started, I had a dream that the San Francisco 49ers went to the Super Bowl.

Don't ask me where this dream originated from because I couldn't tell you. I don't even like football and I stopped naming my Ken dolls Joe Montana like three years ago. Now they're all named Ryan Gosling.

The 49ers apparently had a pretty good season, and almost actually even made it to the Super Bowl! Who's even in the Super Bowl now? I've already forgotten. See how uninterested I am? The real reason I'm telling you this has to do in part with my outfit,  but also for the fact that I'm going to share with you my favorite appetizer recipe that is sure to blow the socks off party goers watching the Big Game. Which won't be me, I assure you.

Cabernet Blazer: Thrifted, Teen Challenge Thrift Store. Sequin Tee: Talbots. Black Jeans: Target. Leopard Flats: Payless.

If I were to attend a Super Bowl Party, this is what I'd wear. The 49ers would be proud of my gold and cabernet!

And since I'm not going to a Super Bowl party, but my husband is, this is the appetizer I'll send with him.

Smoked Salmon Toast

2 packages of ready to eat Smoked Salmon
1 tub of whipped cream cheese
1 loaf of sliced pumpernickel bread
dill weed seasoning

Cut the Smoked Salmon into little pieces (a bit smaller than the bread slices)
Spread cream cheese onto the bread slices
top with the salmon pieces
top with a few dashes of dill

Enjoy! Easy Peasy and looks so fabulous everyone will think you're a culinary genius.

Anyone else want to watch Crazy, Stupid Love instead of the Super Bowl? Come on over to my house.

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  1. I would TOTALLY watch Crazy, Stupid, Love with you (I love the Ken doll joke btw...) but I have our youth group Superbowl party. That doesn't have a location yet. LOL